Energy-efficient LED lamp LS-4.4-220-Е27-W

Application instead of incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps with cap E27.

Light source - LED Acriche (Seoul Semiconductor) series AW3221

Power saving - А

Correlated color temperature - 6300 К (pure white)

Luminous flux - 180 lm

Power consumption – 4.4 W

Source of supply - 220 V 50 Hz

Operating temperature:  -40˚ С …+ 40˚ С

Durability of light source on the criteria of reducing of luminous flux  by 30 % - not less 35000 hours

Coefficient of color- 70

Coefficient of power  -  1

Protection from external influences - IР54

Switching on/off – less than 0.01 sec

Working efficiency with motion sensor – provided

Working efficiency with brightness control - provided

Invariability of color radiation with brightness control - provided

Working efficiency under vibration - provided, without reducing the durability

Dimensions - L=115 mm, o =54 mm weight – no more than 0,13 kg

Glass - shockproof

The safety of LED module Acriche as a light source  -has been certified  TUV, European certificate СЕ and Rohs certificate.