60W LED LED street lantern JRXLUM-Y60

60W LED; CREE chip; 60W; 5000K/7000K; >4300lm; illumination >25lux/8m; AC170-250V,50-60Hz; IP65. Gold, Emerland, Sapphire blue


The main characteristics

To produce these lamps we used innovation technologies and modern designing.

To optimize heat radiation in these lamps the special structure of radiator was designed, the material of these radiators is produced by «Tensile Aluminum» technology.

The lightproof lampshade is made of high intensity toughened glass with more than 92% that prevents from highlights and ultraviolet radiation.

The housing of projector is made by aluminum die-casting technology. It has polyester surfacing with corrosion resistance, dustproof and waterproof.

The working temperature of projector is higher not more than on 30 degrees with environment temperature, thus the temperature of emitting source is 70 degrees below.

After 10000 hours of working the luminance decay of light source doesn’t exceed 10%.

It is possible to reduce luminance level from time to time to save electric energy consumption.