Lamp DLWFLUM-0002-WW (1198 mm)

Lamp DLWFLUM-0002-WW (1198 mm)

18х1W LED; 22W; 2700K; AC100-240V,50-60Hz; 1198 mm.

The innovative technologies and the advanced development were used at manufacture of given product.

Tubular LED lamps in comparison with usual luminescent lamps save up more than 80 % of the electric power and work in 10 times longer. It doesn't need frequent replacement and service for LED lamps.

The cases of lamps are made of polycarbonate, thanks to it high mechanical durability of lamps is provided.

The light of LED lamps is much more hygienic, in comparison with luminescent lamps, as there aren’t pulsation and an ultraviolet emanation in the spectrum of LED lamps.

Tubular LED lamps are optimal replacement of usual luminescent lamps for usage on factories, offices, houses, schools, shopping centers etc.