LED luminaire DLWFLUM-200

LED luminaire DLWFLUM-200

112x0,07W LED; 9W; 5500K; AC100-240V,50-60Hz; 200x200 mm.

LED luminaires in comparison with usual luminaires with luminescent lamps save up more than 70% of the electric power and work in 10 times longer. It doesn't need frequent replacement and service for LED lamps.

The light of LED luminaires is much more hygienic, in comparison with luminescent lamps, as there aren’t pulsation and an ultraviolet emanation in the spectrum of LED lamps.

LED luminaires are optimal replacement for built "Armstrong" lamps with traditional luminescent lamps, which built in ceilings. A small thickness of luminaires (18 mm) allows to make hinged mounting of lamps.

LED luminaires can be used at offices, houses, schools, shopping centers etc.