24 Low-power RGB LED; 18W; AC100-240V, 50-60Hz; the aluminum housing; IP66; operation: the exterior controller, the mounted controller; illumination modes: change of three colors, a blinking, «running fire» etc.

Thanks to special brackets, decorative floodlights can be mounted easy on poles, trunks of trees of any diameter, on walls of buildings and constructions, on slant legs of bridge.

Illumination modes: change of three colors, a blinking, «streaming fire» etc.

For operation controller JRXLUM - J18K is required

The main characteristics and the description of materials

The upper cover of the housing is made of aluminum with polyester surfacing, the diffuser is made of polycarbonate, the product base – of high-tensile АВS plastics.

LED modules are used as a light source in the product, in which it is possible to regulate color and depth of luminous flux by means of the controller.

Two groups LED of light sources are installed in the product, each group consists of 18 elements (power capacity of each element – 0.5 W. At standard operation mode the general capacity is 18 W.

The level of protection against external influences - IР66, therefore the product can be applied as the outside lamp of decorative illumination.